Pt. Nayan Ghosh

Date: Saturday May 26, 2012

Venue: Tropentheater

Born in 1956, Pt. Nayan Ghosh is acclaimed in India and around the world as one of India’s foremost musicians, with an unusual dimension – the only maestro with superlative command on two diverse instruments the Sitar and the Tabla. Artistic brilliance, rich repertoire and a magnificence of tone are the hallmarks of his performances.

The focus of his thought has been to bring out the true essence and soul inherent in Indian music, be it as an acclaimed world-class performer or as a highly respected master. He is already held as an important reference source for a whole new generation of music seekers.


Zakir Hussain & The Masters of Percussion

Date: Friday November 2nd, 2012

Venue: Tropentheater, Amsterdam

A national treasure in his native land, Zakir Hussain is among the most internationally successful musicians in the history of India. He has thrilled audiences throughout the world with his sensuous and compelling mastery of tabla, which the Washington Post calls “intoxicating in its intensity,” with a “virtuosity that is barely to be believed.” From meditative classical ragas to high energy rhythmic drumming, Zakir Hussain and his Masters of Percussion will energetically showcase the great breadth of Indian music in a fascinating journey you won’t want to miss!