Zakir Hussain Tala-Vadya

Zakir Hussain returns with “Tala-Vadya”
A rhythm ensemble of maestros coming together

“If you ask me what you can expect from this concert ?, – when I know, I’ll let you know !!”

The greatest living legend maestro of the tabla and one of the architects of modern world music, Zakir Hussain returns with his international ensemble “Tala-Vadya” a rhythm ensemble of the world’s finest percussionists.

Zakir Hussain is today appreciated both in the field of percussion and in the world of music at large as an international phenomenon. A classical tabla virtuoso of the highest order, his consistently brilliant and exciting performances have not only established him as a national treasure in his own country, India, but gained him fame all over the world for his many accomplishments.

Continually pushing boundaries and exploring new and old musical traditions, this world-class group makes each of its performances an entirely unforgettable experience. The group is formed with 3 other virtuous artistes, Anantha Krishnan on mridangam, a south Indian percussion, Navin Sharma on dholak, a traditional folk percussion and Sabir Khan on the Sarangi to provide the melodic support to the 3 other percussionists.

Zakir says in an interview “It’s a different show every time, within the solos, there are new opportunities created every night. It’s an amazing thing to hear all of these different elements come together. Some days we play for two hours; sometimes, we go for three hours. It depends,”. He says “If you ask me what you can expect from this concert, when I know, I’ll let you know !! The reason for that obviously is the whole process of improvising. Each player has his own solo moment. So, what will happen there, we don’t know. At times, those solo moments turn into duos or trios or whatever the heart’s desire is at that time. It’s like that. “